It’s Like Herdin’ Cats, Y’all

If you’ve spent any time around cats, you know that they go where they are wont to go. Even when you want them to go in one particular direction.

That’s sort of my thing here in the Village, although I’m not entirely sure what that means just yet. Lucky, you, you’re in on the journey!

My understanding of the whole thing is that my title is literal as well as metaphorical. Oh, and I’ll call you on your bullshit, too.

And isn’t there a whole lot of bullshit going on lately for those of us with built-in bullshit detectors to call folks on these days? It’s flat exhausting.

So there’s going to be a little of everything here, near as I can tell. Some meditations on a fucked-up world have been nudging me. Some urgings to talk to you about some odd things and some mundane things have been poking.

I live the life of a cat, pretty much. I have my routines, but if you start to count on or to demand those routines, well. Let’s just say that my wiring is unique and suddenly we all have a new routine. πŸ™‚

In essence, welcome to my little corner of the Village, and buckle up, buttercup.

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